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Welcome to Bertin Corp, the US subsidiary of Bertin Technologies. Bertin Technologies is a French company that designs and manufactures state-of-the-art measurement systems and instruments.

Created in 2011, Bertin Corp. provides to the US market the innovative products of the brand Bertin Instruments. Bertin Instruments offers scientific instrumentation for critical applications in the fields of Life Sciences, CBRN threat detection, and Nuclear & Health Physics.

For Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors, we have developed cutting-edge laboratory equipment aimed at improving laboratory workflow, while maintaining high quality data output and reproducibility. We also offer novel solutions in the field of biological air sampling for the collection of cultivable or non-cultivable bacteria, allergens, fungi and viruses.

We are an established leader in the field of CBRN threat detection and work closely with military organizations worldwide. We specialize in chemical and biological detection and offer equipment focused on meeting the military needs in the field.

Bertin Corp. also provides US customers with Sterilwave, the innovative solution developed by Bertin Medical Waste to manage biohazardous waste.

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Welcome to Bertin Corp

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