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Bertin Technologies

Bertin Technologies is a French industrialist in scientific instrumentation that designs and manufactures, in France and in Europe, measurement, observation & detection systems and instruments for critical applications. Every day, Bertin Technologies pursues technological advances in the fields of Nuclear, Defence, Space, Big Science, Life Sciences and Health.

Its 2021 turnover amounts to 92 million euros. Based in Paris Region, the company is active worldwide with offices over the 5 continents.

 Bertin Instruments

Bertin Technologies’ leading instrumentation activity is represented through the brand Bertin Instruments, dedicated to innovative measurement and sampling for key worldwide markets, such as:

  • Defense, Security, and Safety (gas detection, optronics, and multi sensors networks with the acquisition of Exensor Technology in 2017),
  • Nuclear Instrumentation (radon professional monitoring, environmental radiation monitoring systems, radiation portal monitors, health physics),
  • Lab Equipment (sample preparation, air sampler, cell imaging)
 Bertin Bioreagent

Bertin Bioreagent reinforce the offer of the company in the Life Sciences market, already known as a key player for sample preparation (with the Precellys tissue homogenizers). These synergies provide to Bertin Technologies a higher added value at the crossroad of reagents and equipment.

 Bertin Medical Waste

Bertin Medical Waste offers innovative solutions for the management of biomedical waste internationally:

  • Hospital waste decontamination solutions with microwave technology
  • Instruments for the control of radiological contamination and measurement of ionizing radiation
  • Expertise in the optimization of biomedical waste streams, training and support

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