Cryolys® Evolution

Patented cooling system compatible with Precellys Evolution, tissue homogenizer. It prevents thermo-sensitive samples from heat degradation during homogenization process.
Please note that this reference corresponds to the cooling module.
The homogenizer unit is not included.



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The Cryolys® Evolution is the Precellys® Evolution cooling system. Based on dry ice sublimation, it improves the molecular extraction’s efficiency, resulting in premium quality analysis. The desired temperature is maintained between 0 and 10°C before and during the tissue homogenization. For fully accurate results, the Precellys® Evolution software monitors the temperature, allowing for an optimal protection from heat degradation of the sensitive molecules. Cryolys® Evolution is the best solution when working with native state thermo-sensitive molecules (such as active RNA, metabolites, siRNA, proteins, enzymes) and getting a hight yield extraction.

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Previous catalog number: 05027-600-PE101.

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