Precellys® Evolution Touch

Super flexible, fast and efficient homogenizer!

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  • 1 x S002274-PEVO0-A.0 2mL Holder Pack
  • 1 year warranty

Precellys® Evolution Touch is the universal tissue homogenizer gathering high flexibility and high efficiency for either routine or R&D projects.

The Precellys® Evolution Touch offers optimal robustness, safety, efficiency and flexibility. Based on 15 years of sample preparation expertise, the Precellys® Evolution Touch is a concentrate of know-how for all lab environments including BSL3 labs. The instrument’s unique figure-8 multi-directional motion provides the same high level of energy and homogenization efficiency to all the tubes.

The Precellys® Evolution Touch has the capability to process 6 different sizes of tubes and up to 24 tubes simultaneously for the 0.5mL/2mL format. Its flexibility and high efficiency give users the ability to grind, homogenize or lyse any kind of sample whether it is hard or soft, or whatever its type is (animal, vegetal, insect, micro-organism) in less than 2 minutes. It is the perfect solution for either routine applications or specific R&D projects.

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Previous catalog number: 05027-600-PE101.


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