1. Preamble

1. Preamble

1.1. Who is collecting my data?

2. The cookies

2.2. What is a cookie?

2.3. What are cookies used for?

2.4. Cookies on our website, and their purpose

3. Installing cookies: it’s your choice

4. Your consent

4.1. Data retention period

4.2. Other types of Personal Data

4.3. The collection of personal data made through the website

5. The collection of personal data made by other ways

6. Information from Other Sources

7. Your rights on your Personal Data

1.1. Who is collecting my data?

The entity responsible for handling all user data collected via the WEBSITE is the company Bertin Technologies:
Legal Identity: Bertin Technologies
Share capital: 18 000 000 euros
Legal form: Société par actions simplifiée
RCS: 422 511 204 RCS Versailles
HQ Address: 10 B avenue Ampère, 78180 Montigny le Bretonneux – France
Legal Representative: Bruno Vallayer

The cookies

By browsing this WEBSITE, you agree that the cookies described hereunder may be stored on your device in accordance with the provisions of this Cookie Management Charter.

2.1. What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file stored on the hard drive of your device when you visit a website. It records certain information on your web browsing or online behaviour, which allows us to improve and facilitate your browsing experience.

2.2. What are cookies used for?
The WEBSITE uses cookies to identify web users, in order to improve the browsing experience and the services on offer. In practice, cookies also allow us to verify your identity and may also be used to record your preferences or measure the way you use our WEBSITE.

2.3. Cookies on our website, and their purpose
See Bertin Corp’s Cookie Declaration at www.bertin-corp.com/cookie-declaration for information on the cookies we use.

3. Installing cookies: it’s your choice

On computers, smartphones and other internet-enabled devices, the default setting of your web browser will be to accept the cookies found on websites. Nevertheless, you retain control over cookies and you have the option of changing your browser settings to:
• accept or refuse cookies from our SITE
• systematically block all cookies
• ensure that your consent is requested for all cookies encountered while you browse the internet. To do this, simply follow the instructions and adjust the settings in your web browsers.

For example:
• In Internet Explorer™: in the menu Tools ► Internet Options ► Confidentiality ► Select your preferred level
• In Firefox™: in the menu Tools ► Options ► Privacy ► Select your preferred options
• In Chrome™: configuration menu (settings button) ► Settings ► Advanced Settings ► Content Settings ► Select your options
• In Opera™: Tools menu ► Preferences ► Advanced ► Cookies ► Manage cookies ► Select your options

4. Your consent

Your consent is only valid for one purpose of treatment and active for a period of 1 year. Beyond this period, the consent of the user must be renewed. By using our WEBSITE, you give Bertin Technologies permission to install “technical” cookies which access, record and consult information stored in your device:
• the sole purpose of these cookies is to enable or facilitate electronic communication;
• they are strictly necessary to provide the online communication service offered by our WEBSITE. When signing up to our WEBSITE, users are informed (cf. pop-up banner) of the presence of tracking cookies intended primarily to offer services corresponding to their interests and to record visitor statistics. You have the option of directly declining the bertin Corp’s cookies via this Cookie Management banner. Or you can refuse cookies more widely for the whole consulted websites, by following the recommendations of chapter 3 above. As mentioned above, please bear in mind that if you choose to block our cookies then your browsing experience on our WEBSITE and/or the use of certain functions may be slightly affected.

4.1. Data retention period
In any case, the cookies stored on your device and any other elements used to identify you for statistical or technical purposes will be stored only as long as they are relevant for these processes and no longer than thirteen (13) months. This expiry date is not automatically extended when you visit the SITE again. Beyond this time limit, raw browsing data associated with identified users is either deleted or anonymised.

4.2. Other types of Personal Data
By browsing this WEBSITE, you do not have to give your Personal Data. However, we need to collect some of your Personal Data so that you can access some features of the WEBSITE, for example when you download some documents. The treatment of your data is based on your consent, which lasts for 12 months. If you choose not to share your Personal Data, you won’t be able to take advantage of the features offered in this WEBSITE, such as document download or recruitment. We remind you that the rights attached to the Personal Data Protection laws and regulations are strictly for personal purposes. By sharing personal data with Bertin Technologies, you undertake to give us only information about yourself.

4.3. The collection of personal data made through the website
The information collected on this WEBSITE through the contact forms:
• Are processed by the Data controller of Bertin Technologies
• Are necessary to process requests for information and for commercial prospection
• Depending on the ranges and industries you have selected in our contact or registration forms, we will send you targeted scientific information (White Papers, Application Notes, Articles) and, occasionally, service offers, event invitations or any other information related to our activity
• The Data will be retained until its deletion is requested by the interested party or for a period of two years after your last interaction with the WEBSITE The information collected when submitting a spontaneous job application at an email address provided by the WEBSITE:
• Are processed by the Data controller of Bertin Technologies
• Are necessary to process your job application and your potential recruitment
• If you are recruited by our company, the Data will be retained for the duration of the contract period or for a period of two years after your last interaction with the involved Company

5. The collection of personal data made by other means

When we meet you on the trade shows in which we participate or when you contact us directly, we may collect the data that you provide, for example by giving us your business card, by suscribing to our mailing list, by leaving a message on the guest book, by giving us your ID on our booth, by sending us an email to obtain information about our instruments… The Data collected on this occasion:
• Are processed by the Data controller of Bertin Technologies
• Are necessary to process requests for information and for commercial prospection
• The Data will be retained until its deletion is requested by the interested party or for a period of two years after your last interaction with us

6. Information from Other Sources

We may also collect or purchase professional email addresses or companies names whom the contacts working within your sector belong to, from partners or public business-to-business directories – such as scientific organizations, academic institutions, scientific directories and marketing and business intelligence platforms – in order to do commercial prospection operations. These partners can collect your data in open sources for professionals, (e.g. scientific collaboration sites). They operate in the European Economic Area and are subject to compliance with European data protection regulations. Your personal information is only collected and stored in our databases if there is a clear link between your area of work and the content, products, and services we offer. We may also combine pieces of information with other we already have collected about you in order to better understand your needs and provide you a better user experience. The Data collected on this occasion:
• Are processed by the Data controller of Bertin Technologies
• For commercial prospecting purposes
• Are to be retained until their deletion is requested by the interested party, or two years after your last interaction with us If all the information we have collected about you is from third-party sources, we will only communicate with you on a trial basis with a limited number of attempts before we remove your information from our database. We will also only contact you about scientific content and topics that you have shown interest in, or about scientific products you have purchased in the past that have been deemed relevant to you and your industry, job, scientific interests or area of work. If you do engage with our communications and digital content before the end of our trial period, we will consider you an active contact as long as you continue to engage with our content and our websites in the future, or until you choose to unsubscribe from future communications. We offer a means of unsubscribing on every communication we send to you and through our privacy policy. If you would like to know more about how we engage with you, please contact us at dpo@bertin.group.

Pursuant to the modified Act of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties & to the Data Protection Regulation (UE 2016/679), you can exercise your right to access, delete and contest this data. To know more about your rights, read the complete rules & regulations. You can exercise your right by sending an email request or a letter with the subject PERSONAL DATA, proof of your identity and a signature to dpo@bertin.group or to: PERSONAL DATA – Legal Department – Bertin Technologies – 10 bis, avenue Ampère – 78180 Montigny-le-Bretonneux. All the data received & collected by our website are based on your consent. You can revoke it at any time by following the process described in the preceding paragraph. This withdrawal will only work for the future and could not call into question the lawfulness of the Personal Data treatment already done. If you believe your patent is infringed, you may appeal to the CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) or the competent authority of your residency country.

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